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Blast freezer

Cooling without stopping production.

Our powerful blast freezers with rapid suction system are ideal for large production volumes where fast cooling is needed. Whether the dough is fully proofed or hot from the oven – the machine quickly cools the products to the desired temperature with great precision. Read more ... 

The temperature can also be checked at any time using the core temperature sensor. The air flows over each individual tray, ensuring that the products are cooled in an extremely uniform way. The high-performance evaporator is suspended, which ensures that the base of the unit can be cleaned easily.

KLIMA Programme control
With our controls you have access to all processes and proofing parameters at a glance, at any time. As individual as your products, our control systems can be adjusted and programmed according to your requirements. This saves time, staff resources and reduces sources of errors, nipping them in the bud. The integrated event memory supports you in evaluating your proofing process data and provides an extremely efficient means of control. All process steps can also be selected individually or can be stored as complete programmes for process control.

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