Founding and the early years

In 1911, Alois Paul Linder set up his own baking oven technology business in Munich, thereby laying the foundation for the DEBAG company as it is today. His business initially developed and built brick ovens.

Invention of the MONSUN system

Inventing the MONSUN system was a breakthrough for Linder. In 1936, he registered the patent for his new baking technology. Due to increasing demand the production facility in Munich was continually expanded. Even World War II disrupted the success story only briefly.

Growth to become the market leader in traditional ovens

Production started again as early as 1945. In the following decades the family business saw solid growth, becoming the market leader in the production of traditional ovens in German-speaking countries. International commissions and deliveries to Asia, Africa, South America and North America ensured further growth for the business.

Strong together: the new DEBAG

At the start of the 90s came the merger with BOFABA, the only baking oven company in the GDR, which had been integrated into the “Fortschritt Landmaschinenbau” [‘Advances in agricultural mechanical engineering’] combine at the start of the 70s. This led to the creation of the DEBAG company in its current form with its headquarters in Bautzen. The Munich site, meanwhile, was closed down.

Market dominance and international growth

The turn of the millennium marked a breakthrough for DEBAG. The export business grew rapidly – initially in Europe and then, a short time later, globally as well. New markets and customer groups opened up. This went hand in hand with the development of numerous new products – in close collaboration with its partners within the company group, AlexanderSolia and ascobloc.

International branch offices were set up in Poland, France, Russia and the USA.

Today, DEBAG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of oven, baking, proofing and refrigeration technology. As a full-service provider in the segment of technical equipment for bakeries, DEBAG is able to supply all products and services from a single source – worldwide in over 50 countries.

At home in the global market

4 branches                     in France, Poland, Russia and UAE

Represented in over
50 countries

Over  550  service partnersworldwide

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