The fully automatic cleaning system

The e.CLEAN SYSTEM® is a highly efficient and resource-friendly oven cleaning system:

It utilises a biodegradable liquid detergent and, where necessary, the cleaning procedure can even be extended to include a second phase* (rinse agent) as well. Refilling the cleaning agent is straightforward via the fill opening located at the front of the oven.

  • low water and energy usage
  • integrated tank for cleaning product and rinse agent (optional)
  • duration of cleaning: 35 to 87 minutes
  • water usage: approx. 9 to 18 litres**
  • biodegradable liquid detergent (no hazardous material to store or transport; bottles can be disposed of in household rubbish)
  • CleanFinish’ rinse agent neutralises and protects the baking chamber and is less harmful to the environment
  • automated, programmable night-time cleaning

* The second cleaning phase is currently only available for the DECON in-store oven.
** depending on the cleaning programme and level of dirtiness within the baking chamber

Smart Care

Smart Care


  • inclusive of labour and travel costs
  • minor repairs included
Smart Care


  • inclusive of labour and travel costs
  • includes wear parts (door seals, intersecting studs, lighting)

Brochure: e.CLEAN

You will find the solution for simple oven cleaning in our brochure e.CLEAN.

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