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In-store baking ovens

Flexible & compact

Rack ovens

Maximum baking surface area where the available space is limited

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Loading systems, filter technology, stainless steel units and much more.

The future of baking

We bring you intelligent baking technology – our – to allow you to manage your baking processes with even greater efficiency in future.

DEBAG in-store ovens

Our portfolio ranges from the GALA 35 space-saving snack oven to combination baking units comprised of in-store and deck ovens, through to the DECON multifunction oven with steamer function.

Your point of contact

If you haven’t been able to find the right product in our online collection, please give us a ring to discuss your requirements. We also offer custom-made solutions.


Are you already aware of our oven connection software, FilialNet? The software can connect an unlimited number of ovens and allows you to manage baking programmes at your convenience – whenever and wherever suits you.

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