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MONSUN deck oven

More baking surface, less energy consumption.

The robust oven is perfectly suited to the demands of continuous operation in bakeries. Furthermore, it is extremely reliable and uses minimal energy. The ratio of machine footprint to baking surface area is also ideal: the MONSUN system allows for up to 30% more usage of the baking surface*, which, in the case of the double-width models, can mean up to 13.44 m². Read more ...

With a base footprint of not more than 1,150 × 2,910 mm this compact oven even fi ts well into narrow baking areas. In addition, the low airfl ow speeds in the baking chamber ensure that the baked goods are perfectly crispy, evenly browned all over, and stay fresh for a long time. Optional: exhaust vent for closing the fl ue shaft when the burner is switched off. This enables the existing heatto be used again for baking. This saves energy and money!

(* compared to comparable oven models)

With programme control you have access to all processes at a glance, at any time. The integrated event memory supports you in evaluating your baking process data.

  • up to 99 programme settings
  • oven connection and remote maintenancevia FilialNet
  • USB connection
  • hard-wearing front cover with short-stroke keys
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