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Traditional baking on a stone slab with static baking atmosphere

Baking on a stone slab has always been a sign of quality craftsmanship. The HELIOS model features evenly radiated heat and a static baking atmosphere. Depending on the quantity and type of items to be baked, the constraints of layout and the existing floor space, the oven can be adapted precisely to your requirements.  Read more ... 

Up to five stoves of different heights (160 mm, 200 mm) can be combined with each other. Each unit can be controlled individually, allowing you to directly influence how the baked goods appear by regulating the temperature and vapour production. You decide the size of the baking surface (0.24 m², 0.48 m², 0.96 m²) and whether the baking sheets should be loaded crossways or lengthways.

With programme control you have access to all processes at a glance, at any time. The integrated event memory supports you in evaluating your baking process data.

  • up to 99 programme settings
  • oven connection and remote maintenance via FilialNet
  • USB connection
  • operation of proofing chamber: already partly integrated

The functional control is suitable for users with technical baking expertise. The baking parameters are set manually and can be readjusted during baking.

  • functional and clear
  • simple to operate via the electro-mechanical switching components
  • no connected devices or USB connection
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