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Handcrafted baking quality equal to a craft bakery – for branches.

The highly efficient and powerful MONSUN MINI is the ideal oven for freshly baked goods for your store. Due to its compact dimensions and small trays (400 × 600 mm), the oven perfectly adapts to your branch concept. Nonetheless, with up to eight sheets you can still bake large quantities. Read more ...

With its low connected load this system also saves energy and costs during every baking process, making the MONSUN MINI incomparably cost-efficient. The MONSUN system guarantees extremely low flow velocities within the baking chamber, which has a positive, lasting effect on the quality of the baked goods.

With computer control you have access to all processes at a glance, at any time. The integrated event memory supports you in evaluating your baking process data.

  • up to 99 programme settings
  • graphics display showing all the processes
  • oven connection and remote maintenance via FilialNet
  • USB connection
  • operation of proofing chamber: already partly integrated
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