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The snack all-rounder - baking, cooking and steaming.

Setting a new standard in oven construction

The award-winning in-store baking oven DECON (DEBAG CONvection Oven) is setting a new standard in oven construction. Thanks to its optional steamer function and core temperature sensor the oven is a true all-rounder: whether baking, cooking or regenerating – the DECON can be used to prepare crispy, freshly baked goods, hot snacks and full meals, as well as biscuits and pastries. Read more ... 

Due to the new 7-inch touch display, it is even possible for unskilled employees to operate the oven without difficulty – its controls are truly intuitive. In addition, the DECON has several energy management functions available that mean energy usage and operating costs are significantly decreased. The DECON offers up to 20% more baking surface area than comparable in-store convection ovens and the fact that it stands less than two metres tall makes loading the oven much simpler.

With convenient touch control that is intuitive to operate, all the processes and parameters applicable to baking are available to you at a glance. As individual as your products, our control system can be adjusted and programmed according to your requirements. This saves time, staff resources and reduces sources of errors, nipping them in the bud.

  • intuitive and clearly structured menu navigation
  • up to 99 programme settings
  • programmable timer
  • oven connection and remote maintenance via FilialNet
  • USB connection
  • operation of proofing chamber already integrated
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Maria Grasse

International Sales Manager

Georg Schulze

Head of International Sales