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Its compact design and easy operation make the GALA 35 the ideal snack baker for modern catering and in-store concepts. With a sheet size of only 350 × 440 mm, the oven fi ts perfectly even within small spaces and guarantees a high degree of fl exibility: a standard 230 V mains socket is sufficient to operate it. The oven can be delivered with either a mains water connection or a water tank.  Read more ... 

Even within the smallest catering unit and with unskilled staff you can offer your customers snacks and baked goods fresh from the oven on a round-the-clock basis. This makes the GALA 35 the ideal apparatus for cafés, petrol stations, bistros and the hotel business. tray.

With programme control you have access to all processes at a glance, at any time. The integrated event memory supports you in evaluating your baking process data.

  • up to 99 programme settings
  • oven connection and remote maintenancevia FilialNet
  • USB connection
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Georg Schulze

Head of International Sales / Sales Asia Pacific & Middle East

Katja Schindler

Head of internal sales