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The perfect combination of a deck and rack oven.

The MONSUN SM can be used both as a deck oven and a rack oven. Please have a look at our short product video:

This oven combines the advantages of two fundamentally different oven systems and enables maximum flexibility in the bakery. Rack and cooker modules can be quickly and conveniently interchanged. Read more ...

You can specify six different temperature and steam phase settings. Due to its compact design it is especially effective within a small space. The perfected MONSUN technology ensures superb baked goods that remain fresh for a long time.

* compared to comparable oven models

With programme control you have access to all processes at a glance, at any time. The integrated event memory supports you in evaluating your baking process data.

  • up to 99 programme settings
  • oven connection and remote maintenancevia FilialNet
  • USB connection
  • operation of proofing chamber: already partly integrated
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