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The mobile rapid cooling station for deep-freeze warehouses.

Due to its compact size, the mobile rapid cooling station can be placed in existing deep-freeze warehouses where it will cool dough to the desired core temperature within a very short space of time. The TRISTAR can be used in conjunction with all transport devices, e.g. rack modules, cages and stackable racks. Three specialist fans ensure that the dough pieces are cooled rapidly and evenly to the specifi ed core temperature. Thanks to the directed airfl ow even those products stored adjacently are not affected.  Weiterlesen ... 

The machine is equipped with a core temperature sensor and an external control unit. Naturally, the mobile TRISTAR rapid cooling station also meets DEBAG’s usual quality standards: simple to use, e cient technology and exceptionally reliable.

The TRISTAR is controlled via an external operating unit:

  • ease of operation
  • efficient technology
  • high degree of reliability
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