südback 2017: DEBAG presents its new e.BAKE.solutions product range

südback 2017: DEBAG presents its new product range

EuroShop 2017: DEBAG to unveil award-winning DECON in-store baking oven with steamer function and further product innovations for modern retail concepts in the fresh food and catering sector

SÜDBACK 2017: DEBAG presents its new e.BAKE.solutions product range –
innovative software and technology for economical baking and enhanced userfriendliness
– reducing labour and energy costs

During the week of 23rd - 26th September, Stuttgart will be hosting südback 2017. At Germany’s leading fair for the bakery and confectionery trades, DEBAG will be presenting its Baking 4.0 range of innovative baking technology. This has been designed with the needs of bakers, restaurateurs and food retailers in mind, simplifying the operation of their ovens and facilitating the control and evaluation of their baking process data as well as economising on valuable labour time and energy costs.

e.BAKE.solutions – the shape of baking to come

e.BAKE.solutions – DEBAG’s innovative software for oven control and networking – facilitates considerably simplified and convenient oven operation. It ensures consistently high quality in bakery products, enhances process control and helps to save on energy costs. It makes the control and evaluation of baking processes not only more transparent but also much more straightforward and efficient. Totally consistent with the Company slogan: DEBAG – baking with added value.

More efficient oven control with the e.BAKE.solutions SmartBake and VirtualBaker®

SmartBake detects the batch quantity in the oven and automatically adjusts the parameters during the baking process. Whether there are ten trays or just one in the oven, SmartBake ensures that only as much energy is supplied as necessary. The programme not only helps to save energy and prevent operator error but also guarantees a consistently high quality of baked products.

VirtualBaker®: The digital baking assistant detects the batch quantity in the oven and automatically selects the appropriate baking programme. Developed by PreciBake®, this system can be installed in selected DEBAG instore ovens. It minimises the likelihood of operator error and logs the entire baking process. The subsequent systematic data evaluation supports bakers, restaurateurs and food retailers in optimising the processes at their individual business outlets.

Intelligent oven networking with the e.BAKE.solutions LMS and FilialNet

With the help of the LMS performance management system, energy costs can be significantly reduced by avoiding expensive power peaks. A specific oven group is controlled and synchronised via a processor unit. The software takes on the job of resource planning for the linked ovens, limiting power peaks from the outset. The advantages are obvious: significantly lower energy costs in the individual business outlet.

The FilialNet oven networking software can connect an unlimited number of ovens with one another, thus
facilitating a convenient and clearly structured baking programme management. The linked ovens can be
controlled at any time and from anywhere via smartphone or tablet. This not only saves valuable working time but also means that the operator can respond flexibly to unwanted changes during the baking process. In addition, FilialNet allows for practical remote maintenance of all linked ovens. FilialNet permits oversight of all processes at any time. It logs all processes in the oven to the nearest second, generating highly accurate data in both graphic and tabular format. Simple controls and maximum operating convenience are guaranteed with FilialNet.

DECON in-store oven with new loading system

The Baking 4.0 product category also includes the DECON in-store oven with steamer function, core
temperature sensor and numerous software features. The DECON is a real all-round talent – it can bake, cook, steam, gratinate and regenerate. The new loading system significantly simplifies the filling and emptying of the oven. The new 7-inch TOUCH screen with high-resolution graphic display, user-friendly menu structure and numerous new software features makes the oven easy to operate, even by unskilled employees. Used in combination with the e.BAKE.solutions SmartBake, LMS and FilialNet, energy consumption and operating costs of the already efficient DECON can be further optimised. The DECON was awarded the DBZ-südback-Trophy in October 2016 on account of its many innovative features.

Warming cabinet – the ideal complement to DECON – easy to use

This product plugs an important gap in the process chain for the quality assurance of hot baked goods and food. The built-in temperature control ensures constant humidity, which prevents the food from drying out. This keeps it warm and fresh for a long time. The warming cabinet is supplied ready for connection to the mains – a Standard 230v socket is quite sufficient.

New product: HELIOS 6080 deck oven – greater convenience, endurance and hygiene

The latest version of the HELIOS deck oven impresses by virtue of its significantly enhanced operating
convenience. In the HELIOS 6080, the trays are inserted lengthways and side by side. This allows much more convenient and safer access to the bakery product. The oven opening time is shortened and the energy loss is thereby significantly reduced. Likewise new is the baking chamber which comes as standard with the HELIOS 6080. Made of stainless steel, it not only lengthens the life of the oven but is also easier to clean. Another practical feature is the new optional bread basket supports, allowing baked products to be emptied directly from the oven into the basket. The benefits of the two innovations are immediately apparent: enhanced operating convenience, less heat loss and thus a noticeable reduction in working hours and energy costs.

DILA in-store oven in retro styling

Because of the continuing high demand for nostalgic design variants of the DEBAG in-store oven range such as the GALA 35 and the HELIOS, the DILA is now also available as a retro version. This will be unveiled for the first time at südback 2017.

25/09/2017: Live cookery show with Johann Lafer

DEBAG has not one but two highlights planned for 25th September. In the context of a live cookery and baking show, TV star and top chef Johann Lafer will demonstrate the many and varied features of the DECON in-store oven in his usual entertaining way. He will be preparing all manner of delicious snacks for visitors to sample.

Numerous other innovations await visitors to the DEBAG booth (3B31 in Hall 3).

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