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The DEBAG refrigeration and proving components are top quality. You will be able to notice this at first sight. But look again for the even more important aspect: Innovative detail solutions and ideas - making work even easier for your staff - add special value to the DEBAG refrigeration and proving technology.

DEBAG cooling and proving quality is quality of life and baking.

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Best baking products:

Your expertise and MONSUN refrigeration and proving climate - Transferring the MONSUN principle to refrigeration and proving technology: gentle and effective as no other method.
Thus you preserve the quality of your products in DEBAG quality.

Complicated processes made easy!

Conserving freshness without quality loss is a complex process. DEBAG has made it easy for your staff. The touchscreen control only shows the essential items. Simple and logical, to leave more time for your customers.

Any freshness concept can be implemented in DEBAG quality.

Whether you want to work with finished baked goods, with unproven or fully proven dough in the bakery or shop: DEBAG has the right solution for each concept. Modular and flexible, just as your individual situation demands. Today and in the future.

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The TEFI – Freshness stored, thawed, proven.

TEFI (fresh dough preservation) is another innovation for the bakery. Storage, thawing and proving are done according to programmes at a temperature range from –18 °C to +45 °C, always at the optimal climate for the respective process step. Whether unproven or fully proven, TEFI always keeps your dough at the best freshness quality. Thus it constitutes the missing link to the perfect (and consistent) quality in the shop.

You will be convincing your customers daily with top quality and the skills of the trade. Quality is the most important claim also for DEBAG. We have therefore coined a special term for it: DEBAG Quality. Its significance goes far beyond the general understanding of quality, because we develop bakery technologies with top demands on the baking results. Our guiding principles not only involve innovation and traditions; we constantly incorporate new concepts into our considerations, for example, our new refrigeration and proving climate systems, and still focus each day again on the special quality of the baking trade.

The only goal we consistently pursue in all this: Your absolute satisfaction. Based on this impetus we have created, for example with the MONSUN principle, a new quality of baking and have constantly developed this element further.

But especially one thing we focus on: Listening to you and working together with you to create your future-proof system completely customized to your demands. It is modular enough to allow you upgrading it at any time. Thus we strive to set standards in all areas, in design development, consultation, customised solution and service. Naturally, this goes also for the results. All this with DEBAG Quality.


MONSUN climate for the proving chamber

The special air flow and air movements in the proving chamber ensure a constant room climate. Again, you enjoy all benefits of the MONSUN principle: A constant climate made up of temperature, humidity and air movement to ensure the quality of your dough remains absolutely the same, from the first to the last piece. After all, climate variations greater than +/-1 °C at any point in the room do not exist with DEBAG systems. Additional heating or steaming of the dough is therefore hardly necessary. By the way: The MONSUN proving chamber can naturally be upgraded to a fully automatic proving unit.

When planning a special refrigeration project you do not need to do without the proven DEBAG refrigeration and climate technology: DEBAG is your partner who plans specifically for you as well. Of course, with the customary DEBAG quality and features that let you marvel: We are working with the smallest cell grid dimension of 100 mm.

* because of the low height of 23 mm no structural modifications, such as lowering the floor, are necessary.