Thinking about the future - a tradition for us.

Sustainability is practically in the genes of DEBAG. For even when no one was talking about it yet, we were already producing sustainable technology. Our MONSUN system has been available since 1936 and our ovens have been saving valuable energy since then. The MONSUN deck oven, for example, allows a 50 % reduction in energy consumption and around 30 % greater loading capacity than comparable oven models.

The e.CLEAN.System® developed by us makes a special contribution to environmental protection while saving costs. This fully automated baking chamber cleaning system uses only nine litres of water while also saving energy and using a biodegradable liquid cleaning agent.

But the durability of our products also shows our commitment to sustainability. Highest quality at all stages of production from development and design to assembly allows us to significantly reduce the number of repairs. This in turn saves valuable resources while also helping our customers to save money.