Historie From the bakery to the global market - our history.

The current DEBAG Deutsche Backofenbau GmbH can look back at a long tradition. Much has changed in the over 100 years since our foundation. But one thing continues to drive us: always improving our products and services. Read about the most important stages of our company history here. 

Our origins as DEBAG
In 1911, Alois Paul Linder started an independent baking oven shop in Munich which became the foundation for DEBAG. His business developed and manufactured brick ovens. Then a breakthrough came: Linder invented the MONSUN system and applied for a patent in 1936. The increasing demand lead to a continuous expansion of the production facility in Munich. Even World War II disrupted the success story only briefly. Production started again as early as 1945. In the following decades, the family business underwent solid growth, becoming market leader for the production of trade baking ovens in the German speaking areas. Worldwide deliveries to Asia, Africa, South America and North America further drove the business. This also made the company more interesting for investors which finally resulted in the takeover by an entrepreneurial family from Frankfurt am Main in the late 1980s. 

Our origins as Backofenfabrik Gustav Schmidt & Söhne

Backofenfabrik Gustav Schmidt & Söhne was founded in Freiburg in 1924. The company developed and built brick ovens there and at the branch in Bautzen until the start of World War II. Production started again in 1945. After formation of the GDR the company was renamed to “BOFABA” and then integrated into the “Fortschritt Landmaschinenbau” combine in the early 1970s. On account of being the only baking oven manufacturer in the GDR and selling a small number of exports to Eastern Europe, the company underwent continuous further development as part of the planned economy of the state until the late 1980s. The political changes allowed the company to be released from the combine and it was changed into a limited company (GmbH) in 1989. In the early 1990s, the company was bought by the same entrepreneurial family who had already taken over DEBAG in Munich.

Strong together: the new DEBAG

Both acquired companies were united under the name DEBAG in the early 1990s. The question of the future company is location was also settled: Bautzen became the home of DEBAG while the factory in Munich was shut down. During the following years, the company underwent continuous further development particularly in Germany. After the turn of the millennium, there was a push for exports – first to Europe and then worldwide. More markets were opened up, new groups of customers were acquired and product developments for specific markets were expedited. Integrating the companies AlexanderSolia and Ascobloc into the group of companies allowed the portfolio of products and services to be extended and completed. DEBAG developed into a one stop provider for baking processes, including selected areas of preparation, storage and presentation. There was a push for intensive and targeted expansion within Europe and other selected regions, supported by the foundation of own subsidiaries in France, Russia, Poland and USA. Today, its premium products and extensive services make DEBAG one of the market leaders in Germany and Europe. 

Milestones in product development

We have been developing baking technology for over 100 years to make our customers' work easier and produce the best baking results. Experience the DEBAG milestones of product development here:


  • Foundation

1911 to 1945

  • first brickwork three-stove electrical storage heat oven
  • invention and patenting of the MONSUN system (1936)
  • first open bakery in a shop area

1946 to 1980

  • circulation system with two tangential fans
  • use of the MONSUN system in deck ovens up to 12 m2 baking surface
  • new generation of upright rack ovens

1991 to 2000

  • development and production: 
    rack oven MONSUN S4 Öko; highly compact roll plant MEGA 4000; MONSUN 420 D
  • diversification of the product portfolio in the field of shop baking ovens

2001 to 2005

  • development and production: 
    rack oven MONSUN S5 Plus; double rack oven MONSUN TWIN; new shop baking oven generation DILA
  • development of the oven networking system MONSUN NET
  • start of production of DEBAG cooling and proofing technology
  • development and introduction of a new shop baking oven with operation from two sides (D oven)

2006 to 2010

  • development and introduction: 
    TOUCH control; automatic cleaning for DILA; oven networking system FilialNet

2011 to 2014

  • development and production 
    new deck shop baking oven family HELIOS and shop baking oven family GALA; new control generation for oven, cooling and proofing technology as well as new generation of fully automatic proofers for the shop area