DEBAG oven systems suit your customers' taste in all markets.

Our guiding principle:

Our guiding principle contains the corporate objectives and principles for our cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers as well as within our group of companies. It serves as a compass for our daily actions and helps us to stay on course – to become a little better every day. 

Our vision: We supply German baking quality for tomorrow's mobile world.

We supply baking quality for tomorrow's mobile world. In a world where customers are becoming increasingly mobile and want bakery products that are always fresh and always available, we see ourselves as a partner who makes exactly that possible – with new technologies and sophisticated system solutions.

Our corporate identity:

DEBAG stands for tradition and innovation in German baking oven manufacturing. Our experience and competence comes from the German baking trade in which we have been firmly rooted for over 100 years. We know the requirements of modern consumers and provide our customers with the corresponding products and services. Because DEBAG means “baking with added value”. 

Our mission: Quality ovens for modern baking. Innovation from tradition.

We build quality ovens for modern baking and develop innovations from our tradition which goes back more than 100 years. We inspire our customers with pioneering products, customised solutions and comprehensive service. We are only satisfied when they are. 

Our values:

Looking forward: We see change as an opportunity. We care about the future of baking. That is why we are constantly searching for new solutions for our customers.

Community: Together we are powerful and self-confident. Our collaboration – in-house as well as with our customers – is characterised by a willingness to perform as well as reliability, commitment, fairness and appreciation.

Trust: We say what we do. And we do what we say. We communicate clearly and transparently, creating a basis for a trusting cooperation.

Partnership: Creating added value for customers, partners and suppliers. We want to exceed expectations and have strong partners from industry and research at our side as well as creative employees in our own ranks.